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Catering By Design

Full Service: Catering, rentals, florals, bartender, photographer and creative direction. You choose to hire us to handle all or part of your event.

With this service our goal is to help you become a guest at your event  so you can enjoy & create unforgettable memories.

*Submit your inquire with your event details. We will respond within 24 hours.

Custom Menus:

We collaborate with you to create & develop the menu that meets your needs & budget. (This will typically require several meetings to create.)

Buffet by Design

Includes black or white table linen for buffet tables, chafing dishes, paper plates, utensils, napkins. (customer provides the tables)

“A perfect Match” (Our Favorite Addition to any event)

Decore & Staff will match your event, providing  extra elegance & personalisation to your event.


  • Buffet Table linens to match your event colors with runners.
  • 2 floral arrangements &  greenery throughout buffet tables
  • Custom table signage (8×10” square frame) yours to keep as a memory
  • Lighted buffet table with lighted signs, candles & or twinkle lights depending on the style.
  • Staff uniform to coordinate with your event colors for example (aprons, shirts, Bow ties, hats, bandanas etc) choice will be made depending on event style & theme.

+ $ 500.00 Flat rate.

Taco Station Buffet Option #1  – Choose 2 of the following:
*(Most popular)

  • Grilled Chicken, Carnitas (pork)
  • Chicken Fajitas (+2.00 per person)
  • Vegetarian Fajitas
  • Roasted Cauliflower w/chipotle sauce
  • Steak (+2.00 per person)
  • Grilled or Beer Battered Shrimp(+$2.00 per person)
  • Grilled or Beer Battered Fish (+$2.00 per person)

Sides included:

  • Shredded Lettuce or Cabbage, Pico de gallo, guacamole, Mx cheese blend, Chips & trio salsas, sour cream, onion & cilantro, Flour & Corn tortillas
  • $20 p.p +19% (equipment rental fee- Chafers, dishes needed for event)
  • 6 hours event time (1.5 hour set up, 3 hours serving, 1.5 hour clean up break down)
  • Minimum guests of 30.
  • (Over 100 guests price will be adjusted to less 10%)
  • 2 servers per event of 30 guests. $21 per server at 6 hour minimum.
  • Additional hours will be at a $19 per server per hour.

Buffet Option #2 – Choose 2 of the following

  • Enchiladas Chicken or Cheese, Cheese Chile rellenos, Chile Verde (pork),
  • Baked Fish with garlic herb sauce & veggies, Chicken fajitas, Pork belly,
  • Steak Chile Relleno (+$2.00)
  • steak Fajitas (+$2.00)
  • Shrimp Fajitas (+$2.00)
  • Mixed Enchiladas (+$2.00)

Sides Included:

  • Refried Beans or Black beans, Mx rice or  cilantro lime rice, Chips & trio salsas, guacamole, queso fresco.
  • $25 p.p +19% (equipment rental fee- Chafers, dishes used at event)
  • 6 hours event time (1.5 hour set up, 3 hours serving, 1.5 hour clean up break down)
  • Minimum guests of 30.
  • (100 guests or above less 10%)
  • 2 servers per event of 30 guests. $21 per server at 6 hour minimum.
  • Additional hours will be at a $19 per server per hour.


Extras for Buffets: Feeds 12-15 Guests

  • Romaine Agave lime strawberry salad with jicama & avocado – $45.00
  • Romaine salad, black beans, corn, tortilla strips, avocado & queso fresco – $45.00
  • Mexican corn salad with cherry tomatoes, cilantro, radish & lime dressing – $45.00
  • Ensalada Cesar, romaine, parmesan flakes, cornbread croutons – $45.00
  • Potato Apple Salad with greek yogurt & Bacon – $50.00
  • Pesto Cilantro Pasta salad – $50.00
  • Fresh Fruit (Sliced fruits & Berries) with mixed nuts & honey – $50.00
  • Raw Veggies Platter  with 2 dips (hummus & garlic herb) – $50.00

La hora del Te’ – “Tea Sandwich Station”
(Minimum 30 guests)

  • Strawberry cream, Basil Bacon
  • Guacamole, cilantro Cream, cucumber, chicken on white roll
  • Cuban turkey strawberry cream on brioche
  • Mint strawberry cucumber
  • Chipotle cream tuna on sourdough
  • Green apple chicken salad on white
  • Bacon & Egg dill salad on wheat
  • Tomato basil mozzarella, guacamole  on sourdough
  • Smoked turkey, Avocado & black bean spread on white
  • Chicken plantain with a peanut butter sauce on sourdough

– Choice of 4     $7.50 per person
– Choice of 3     $6.50 per person

*This Station can be added to any of our event services. If the station is ordered on its own, equipment rental fees, set up, clean up and servers cost will be added.

Beverage Station, Coffee & Tea Bars:
(Includes, acrylic cups & paper coffee cups)

  • Regular Coffee
  • Decaf Coffee
  • Assorted Sugars
  • Creamers
  • Milk

$3.50 Per person

Hot Tea Bar:

  • Assorted Teas
  • Assorted sugars
  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • $3.50 per person

Glass Drink Dispensers:

  • Cucumber Mint infused water
  • Lemon infused Water
  • Fresh Lemonade
  • Ice Tea
  • Flavored tea

Choice of 2 – $3.50 per person

Choice of 3 – $4.50 per person

Grazing Tables

Every table is different depending on your event & needs. We will collaborate with you to create & develop the table that meets your  needs & budget.


Kvida Grazing tables are designed for larger gatherings, including parties, weddings, bridal & baby showers, and corporate events. We are able to customize, personalize, and coordinate our tables based on your event details. We include fresh greenery with our table styling as well as various props/crates for a stunning presentation, we use fresh, locally sourced produce and organic ingredients whenever possible. Our  Grazing tables include fresh loaves of bread, a variety of cheeses and cured meats, kvida sauces & salsas, roasted and marinated vegetables, raw veggies, crackers, dips and spreads, olives, nuts, fresh and dried fruit, popcorn, and a variety of chocolate. Ask us about our option to add donuts, muffins, cookies &  mini desserts to your table,  as well as brunch table options.


  • Vida+Amor 3ft. table (up to 40 grazers) – $600
  • Vida+Amor 6 ft. table (up to 70 grazers) –$980
  • Vida+Amor 9 ft. table (up to 100 grazers) –$1300
  • Vida+Amor 12 ft.table (up to 125 grazers) –$1500
  • Vida+Amor 15 ft.table (up to 150 grazers) –$1650

Event ready K-Box

“Charcuterie Boxes” Requires 72 hour notice


These boxes are designed for any occasion from picnics to house parties to lunch meetings. Our boxes are made up of fresh and locally sourced produce, organic whenever possible, a variety of cheeses and cured meats, olives, dips, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, crackers, fresh bread, kvida sauces, salsas, spreads, humus, and chocolate of course!


  • Vida+Salud -box-10 in. (up to 10 grazers)- $65
  • Vida+Salud box- 20 in. (up to 20 grazers)- $120

Botana K- Boxes

“Botanitas”  in a Box
(Minimum Full Box- Can combine 2 options) requires 72 hour notice

  • Full Box fits 60 bites
  • ½ box fits 30 bites
  • Price is based on per piece


  • Bean & cheese burritos (with mild red salsa) – $3.00 ea
  • Rolled Chicken taquitos (with guacamole, sour cream, salsa) – $2.50 ea
  • Chicken Quesadillas (with guacamole,  sour cream, salsa) – $2.50 ea
  • Chicken & veggie skewers – $3.50 ea.
  • Stuffed crab jalapenos wrapped in bacon (with chipotle aioli) – $3.50 ea.
  • Crab cakes with spicy avocado sauce – $3.50 ea.


Please feel free to contact us for custom orders and requests for your next event We are happy to accommodate and will do our best to meet your dietary needs and requests.

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