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Kvida is an innovative concept of planning and hosting a party. We are always so busy and tired that there isn’t much time to plan, shop, cook, host then clean up. That’s why I decided to come up with a concept that would be simple, delicious & stylish. We offer simplicity and peace to your life by helping with the planning and cooking. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy & Let us set the table!

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The team behind  Kvida Catering + Events and Chelas Mexican Grill has been serving guests over 8 years with award winning food and our unique ways of catering offerings. The newest addition to the Chelas family Kvida Catering + Events Specializing in all Latin Cuisine, is now available to help make any special event memorable and delicious. We offer full service catering, Buffet options, and Catering boxes ready for your event and your guests to enjoy. We work with our clients to create menus specifically for each event and budget.

We create and can personalize any event, weddings, elopements, bridal, baby showers, parties, corporate events, date nights, girls’ nights, and any other celebration worthy of indulging. Based out of Orange County, Kvida C+E  was born from Karla’s  love for creating, hosting, styling, and all things culinary. Karla has always admired and embraced the way in which food brings people together, in times of happiness, joy, celebration, ceremony and even loss. Food helps us tell a story, and becomes part of our stories. It is Karla’s belief that food is best when shared and eaten with your favorite people.

My desire is to not only create and provide delicious food, but to do so in a way that connects people. I aim to add beauty, style & elegance to your event, big or small.  Kvida C + E is my creative expression, and blurs the lines between work, art, and play. For me, it is all three. I look forward to delivering moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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